Eric Perrin, Brendan Yarema, and David Ling celebrating a Blades goal

This site is about the Kansas City Blades hockey team that played from 1990-2001. The team may gone, but the memories live on. This site is devoted to remind people about the longest running hockey team in the Kansas City metro. It also looks to get you information on what all of your favorite Blades players have been up to in the last fourteen years. While there have been some tragedies, there are also many great stories about what our former Blades are doing now. From being involved in their communities, devoting themselves to hockey, to inventing, to big business...these are just a few of the many great things the guys have been up to. Oh, and a few are still playing professionally and several are professional coaches. Look for updates on what's going on with the guys, as I continue to do a little research.


Darrell Hay
Josh Holden
David Ling
Rene Vydareny
JS Aubin
Eric Perrin

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If you're looking for Blades cards, I have some. I also have Blades players' NHL cards, as well as Blades pocket schedules. If you're interested, e-mail me at [email protected]. I have a large collection of hockey cards (starting from early 90s to present), so e-mail me if you're looking for anything in particular.

They were part of KC's pro sports scene during the 90s. The team brought hockey back to KC after an 11 year absence. The all-time record stopped at 437-378-85. They won the Turner Cup in 92. The Blades served as the minor league affiliate to the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks during parts of their run. On June 4, 2001 the International Hockey League folded, and so did the Blades. For more history, check out History Overview.

There have been many pro hockey teams to play in the KC metro area, dating all the way back to the 1920's. Want to learn more? Check out Kansas City Hockey History. I also run that site. It has pages devoted to every player who wore a uniform for a KC area pro team, with the exception of some Missouri Mavericks (I haven't gotten their portion of the site updated, as of yet. I'm working on it, too.).

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