1. When was Gary Emmons first NHL game? When did he score his first NHL goal?

2. Why did Dale Craigwell wear jersey number 19?

3. Who was the Blades all-time penalty minute leader? And how many minutes did he record?

4. Who was the Blades shutout leader? And how many shutouts did he record?

5. Who was the Blades hat trick leader? And how many hat tricks did he record?

6. What was the most used jersey number? (Extra credit if you can list all of the players that wore that number)

7. What goaltender recorded the most minutes in goal for the Blades? And how many minutes did he play?

What late 90s TV sitcom used video footage from a Blades game for one of its episodes? Who were the stars of the show? Who were the Blades playing against in the footage? And what was the fictional name of the team wearing the uniforms resembling the Blades (in closeup footage)?


Last updated September 15, 2007